"I highly recommend a Paint and Poetic Prose session! I had such an amazing time. My package was delivered with everything I needed and more! There session was so chill and soul filling and I have beautiful painting that I Love!! And you don’t have to leave your home. 😍"

- Alexa (Fire)

Tacoma, Washington

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" it was this really interesting juxtaposition between all of the senses---listening to something and taking it in without seeing anything, creating your own photograph in your mind and then opening your eyes and creating something that is actual tangible art."

- Amanda (Earth)

Herndon, Virginia


From the painting to the poetry to the mini course on how to embrace our cycles, really was a full experience of divine self care.

Ms. Thevey (Special Session)


"The packaging was cute. The poetry was though provoking. The painting is eclectic. The playlist was dope. My little quarantine art collection is coming along. This ain't your average paint party! Cant wait for the next one. This is now my Sunday Morning Therapy."

- Kristen (Fire& Earth)

Memphis, Tennessee


"This is an incredible business with a beautiful purpose. All of the special touches make your platform stand head and shoulders above any paint n’ sip that I’ve ever experienced. Executed flawlessly!"

-Tekinah,(Special Session)

Mountain Home, Idaho


I love meeting amazing women that are unapologetically themselves. That like to share, be vulnerable, be strong, funny and emotional all at the same time. As women---so many times we forget to take a moment for ourselves. So I want to thank each of you for taking the moments this evening to share that time with us. We spread ourselves too thin many times."

Akiya (Earth)

Atlanta, Georgia