Experience a corporate wellness session privately with your team.

Great for: team building events, morale & wellness, after hour happy hours and holiday parties. 

(Virtual and In-person sessions available)

We take care of everything...

We create a custom sign-up link to your hosted session OR upload/email a guest list of your participant

We handcraft & ship or deliver personalized themed boxes. We even include a branded note from your company

We provide a one of a kind experience. (Virtual sessions: You receive a private meeting link. In-Person: We bring the sets and provide set up and clean up.

Fill out our interest intake form above to set up a 15 minute video call/presentation

Have questions? check out the FAQ below or Contact us.

Frequently asked questions

What comes in the personalized packages?

A Theme: Thoughtfully handcrafted boxes & experiences. We've created something for your every mood.

The Paint: Unique art supplies to create your own piece with painting instruction.

The Poetry: Poetry keepsakes to compliment the spoken word from our author. Sign copies of her book(s) are also available for purchase ($18) to ship with your package.

The Playlist: The experience is not complete without a themed curated playlist to vibe and paint to. We encourage you to play before, during and after the session.

The Gifts: To: YOU, from US. Theme-related self care gifts/and or activites. Black-owned Biz products available for purchase in upgrades.

The Sip: Theme-cocktails, champagne or teas available a la carte or in upgrades. Branded personalized wine glasses and mugs also available a la carte.

What themes can I choose from?

Currently we have 4 natural elements themes to choose. More to come soon!


Let it Grow.


“…It is simply tilling raking, and pulling up what is dead so that it will not spread. It is making room for more light more love..."

Here's what "Earth" is bringing to the table:

  • Poems that represent celebration of growth.

  • A completely new visual art piece to create. Have you ever painted on wood?

  • A curated, real down too earthplaylist to vibe out to while you paint.



Let it burn. Let it go.


Here's what "Fire" is bringing to the table:

  • Poems that represent an internal celebration of the fiery parts of you and all that you need to let burn.

  • A completely new visual art piece to create. Have you ever painted with alcohol ink?

  • A curated, fiery playlist to vibe out to while you paint.



Go Deep. Let it sink in.


This is more of a process based art experience. What better way to get deep then to layer color and reflect.

Here's what "Water" is bringing to the table:

  • Poems that represent our depths of emotion.

  • A completely new visual art piece to create. Have you ever painted on a reflective surface?

  • A curated playlist to vibe out to while you paint.



Let it flow


Here's what "Air" is bringing to the table:

  • Poems that represent going with the flow and trusting the process.

  • A completely new visual art piece to create. A more abstract piece that leaves things up to chance.

  • A curated, chill playlist to vibe out to while you paint.

See more about themes here.

What does pricing look like?

Pricing Details:

All live sessions have an 8 person minimum / 100 person maximum

Have less team members? Contact us

Live Artist Booking Fee: for live curated spoken word and painting instruction from the artists. This in nonrefundable and it holds your date and time.

  • $150 for Virtual led sessions - Artists send zoom link for 1.5 hour session (paint and poetry boxes are shipped directly to attendees.

  • $250-$600 for In person - Artists attend in person to your specified location. We bring the boxes, extra upgrades (if applicable, i.e drinks/ glasses/books) and everything needed. Includes 1.5 hour session plus set-up and clean up and travel.

Personalized Themed Boxes: $65 per person

Participants will receive a box including the following:

  • all sterilized painting supplies + a unique canvas (each theme has

  • a special Triple P self care activity (related to the theme)

  • a signed poetry keepsake to keep and frame

  • a few theme related touches in each kit

  • a curated theme playlist to vibe and paint

A La Carte upgrades:

$10 each - Branded Wine Glasses (or Mugs) that reads "We Paint, We Sip, We Vibe" + Custom first name initial

$10 each - Drinks (tea, hot chocolate, champagne or mini bottles of liquor)

$18 each - Signed Copy of the Author's book to read along.

Luxe Private Party Packages are also an option. Coming soon.

(Please note: for Virtual events: Shipping is not included. We charge $5 per box for shipping, If boxes needs to be expedited, a quote will be provided. In-person events require a quote for fee. Please provided date, time and address of location.)

What payment options do you offer?

1) Single payer option: You can pay for the booking fee and box 50% Deposit: 1/2 amount of the overall total personalized boxes (goes towards final amount). The balance is due before shipment of boxes. In this option, you can provide us with guest addresses, or we your guests can register their addresses individually under a custom link for your event date.

2) Multiple payers option. You can pay for the non-refundable live artists booking fee via an invoice, and have your guests register and pay for their boxes individually under a custom link for your event date.

.Have questions? Contact us.


unnamed (1).jpg

“I was introduced to J’Nell and Maquita with Paint and Poetic Prose for a professional networking function, and was admittedly skeptical – but curious.  What I found far exceeded my expectations.  Within ten minutes of our group activity, I started to feel comfortable, inquisitive, and at ease.  I watched as my colleagues began to open up and grow vulnerable, and we began to connect with one another in ways that we had not previously been able to.  I left that function with such enthusiasm that I did two things: purchase a few different books of poetry written by Maquita, and schedule time to have them both come into my treatment facility to work with my clients thorough a group exercise.


I truly cannot say enough about the professionalism, care, warmth, and attention that these two bring to their work.  I enjoyed having had the opportunity to work with them twice, and hope to be able to do so again in the near future.”

- Joshua (Earth)
Arlington, Virginia

Screen Shot 2020-07-08 at 3.35_edited.jpg

You all have the ability to make even the most untalented feel a bit artistic and spiritual. There is something for everyone here. I would bring this socially and clinically into what I do." - Ms. Schupak, Mental Healthcare Professional

- Ms. Schupak(Earth) 
Washington, DC

Screen Shot 2020-07-08 at 2.43.07 PM 2.p

" it was this really interesting juxtaposition between all of the senses---listening to something and taking it in without seeing anything, creating your own photograph in your mind and then opening your eyes and creating something that is actual tangible art."

- Amanda (Earth)

Herndon, Virginia


From the painting to the poetry to the mini course on how to embrace our cycles, really was a full experience of divine self care.

Ms. Thevey (Special Session)


"I highly recommend a Paint and Poetic Prose session! I had such an amazing time. My package was delivered with everything I needed and more! There session was so chill and soul filling and I have beautiful painting that I Love!! And you don’t have to leave your home. 😍"

- Alexa (Fire)

Tacoma, Washington


"The packaging was cute. The poetry was though provoking. The painting is eclectic. The playlist was dope. My little quarantine art collection is coming along. This ain't your average paint party! Cant wait for the next one. This is now my Sunday Morning Therapy."

- Kristen (Fire& Earth)

Memphis, Tennessee


"This is an incredible business with a beautiful purpose. All of the special touches make your platform stand head and shoulders above any paint n’ sip that I’ve ever experienced. Executed flawlessly!"

-Tekinah,(Special Session)

Mountain Home, Idaho


I love meeting amazing women that are unapologetically themselves. That like to share, be vulnerable, be strong, funny and emotional all at the same time. As women---so many times we forget to take a moment for ourselves. So I want to thank each of you for taking the moments this evening to share that time with us. We spread ourselves too thin many times."

Akiya (Earth)

Atlanta, Georgia