On Your Own

Paint, read poetry, and sip to the associated playlist... on your own time.

Buy a Paint & Poetic Prose box and you'll be sent the materials and emailed instructions and a pre-recorded video to follow along once your package has been delivered. 

"On Your Own Time" Additional Details

  1. Grab the Paint and Poetic Prose box of your choice.You can order up to 50 boxes.

  2. We'll process your order and mail out your individually prepared, personalized package that will include all of the sterilized painting supplies you'll need for your session
    (you get to keep the supplies!)

  3. In your package you'll receive:

    • all sterilized painting supplies + a unique canvas

    • a signed poetry keepsake 

    • a few theme related touches

    • a curated theme playlist to vibe and paint

    • a link to an exclusive video to get you acquainted with your box. Paint along and vibe with the the artists with spoken word from the author and paint instruction from the painter.

    • Be Extra:

      • Grab a Triple P personalized Wine Glass or Mug

      • A signed copy of the author's latest book: Stories of a Polished Pistil: Unpaved

        • (limited number of signed copies available)  

        • unsigned copies available on amazon.com


** Check out our Triple P Subscription boxes​ with  several upgradable options to enhance your  experience + free shipping.