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Joining our Paint & Poetry Book Club gives you access to an exclusive member's only art piece and poetry not yet read from all three of the author's books (even the one released on limited edition).

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 4 or 6 month  subscription.

Book Club Membership


Paint and Poetry materials will be shipped to your door by the first week of each month along with a link to log in.


Experience live paint instruction and take part in poetry reading discussion that will leave you better than you came.



Club Perks:

- The full circle experience

- Gain access to all of the themes 

- Triple P Merch

- Gifts from the artists

- Receive a copy of each book

- Sessions with wellness in mind

- Therapeutic discussion

- A wellness activity with each session

- Save $$$ with club membership (receive up to 15% off)

- Free shipping on all packages

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Next Virtual Book Club starts in December...

Deadline to sign up  for the next book club is Nov. 12th, 2021.



Experience guilt-free self care monthly with friends. 

Dive into some gut checking, soul-feeding poetry while congruently expressing all that you're experiencing through the creation of your very own art pieces.

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