We are a black-owned, woman-owned, DC based operation of two artists, working together to bring moments of relaxation to your life through what we know best: visual art and poetry.



Meet the Artists: J'Nell & Maquita

J'Nell is a visual artist based in Washington DC. She specializes in oil painting, portraiture with an emphasis on female and black bodies. She loves to show and explore the different sides of womanhood.  She paints the things she filters daily within current culture, history, music and fashion combined with her love for painting the human figure, and playing with pattern and light.

"I paint to:

capture the "feel good" moments; those moments where figures are caught in the vibe of the music, posing, flirting or candidly caught in mid-smile.

my hope is that my art uplifts your spirit.

my hope is that it makes you smirk and giggle.

my hope is it takes you to a nostalgic place.

my hope is that their expressions and body language are contagious. 

I want you to feel them in your own way with whatever you bring to the experience." 

Find her latest artwork on her website:


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IG: @artbyjnello

Maquita Donyel of Polished Pistil is a storyteller currently based in the Washington, D.C. area that discovered her love for literature after taking a required Shakespeare class during her undergraduate studies. Her love for words, art, women, authentic human connection, self-expression, and God led her to storytelling.

When she isn’t consulting, accommodating her daughter’s social life, or laughing obnoxiously with admirable souls she hopes to take wherever she goes, Maquita is storytelling (and smiling, she likes to smile).

Her books:

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Her social:

IG: @maquitadonyel

Amanda Barry

"...so it was this really interesting juxtaposition between of all of the senses of listening to something, and taking it in without seeing anything, creating your own photograph in your mind and then opening your eyes and creating something that is actual tangible art."

Kristen Lurry

“I think this is now my Saturday morning quarantine therapy.”

Marianne Huneycut

"I thought this particular format is very powerful. We have unique struggles as women, so I really appreciate this."

Akiya Lee

I love meeting amazing women that are unapologetically themselves. That like to share, be vulnerable, be strong, funny and emotional all at the same time. As women---so many times we forget to take a moment for ourselves. So I want to thank each of you for taking the moments this evening to share that time with us. We spread ourselves too thin many times."

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